Design Consultation Tips to Save you Money

When you're working with any kind of consultant that charges by the hour, a little preparation can go a long way.



As a designer, I want to do everything I can for my clients to help them realize their dreams. Your home is a sacred space for you and your family. Because of this, my design philosophy is that the client’s likes and dislikes are my constitution. I base my designs completely on the needs and wants of a client and my main objective is to make their dreams come true.

But what happens if they don’t have a concrete idea of the aesthetics for their living space?

An issue that comes up sometimes when working with clients is that we have to spend more time than necessary just trying to hammer out the likes and dislikes of a customer. Since most design consultants are paid by the hour for their services isn’t it in the client’s best interest to make the most of them?

You might say, “Why should a client have to get ready for the design consultation? Aren’t you being paid to design my home?” or “Isn’t it the designer’s responsibility to be prepared?” Well… it depends.

Did I mention that when you do a project with us the design consultation is free?

If money is no object and you really don’t care how long it takes your designer to get the necessary details from you then read no further. If you are on some type of a budget, however, and unlimited time with a designer is not a part of that budget I think you will be better off spending some time to be prepared.

Know Beforehand What You Want To Accomplish With Your Remodel

The first thing I start on when beginning a project is to find out what you want to do with your space. Most people usually have no issue here. The problem usually arises when people try to articulate exactly what is wrong with the current state of their kitchen or bathroom. And what I mean is more than just “I don’t like it”, but rather a specific list. For example:

  • The countertops are too low
  • There isn’t enough storage space. I want space for the largest collection of cookbooks known to man.
  • This window gives too much light in the morning when I’m getting ready for work.

Yes, that specific. Actually, the more specific the list the better.

Create A Digital Portfolio Of Design Ideas You Are Considering

A picture says a thousand words, you know. Gather Images that are inspiring your new remodeling project. Websites like Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, and HDTV can be an excellent resource for your remodel. A portfolio can help your designer understand your style and tastes immediately.

Check us out on Houzz!

On every picture in your portfolio be sure to write down what is it that you like or dislike about an image. Like we’ve already mentioned, generic “I like this, don’t like that” is not specific enough.


Third, budget your remodel idea. Often when I design there is a contractor involved in the process. Most of the time when someone gets together with a designer before they have had a chance to meet with a contractor they won’t have a clear idea of how much their project will cost. Having at least a ballpark budget range can make a big difference for your designer, especially when it comes to material use. Tile prices, for example, can range from $3 to $120 per square foot. If I as a designer have no idea about the project’s budget I might waste my time and your money designing something that is impossible to be created within the client’s budget range.

Every time when professionals charge by the hour you should be prepared as much as possible. But, if you do a remodeling project with Let’s Remodel design is always free and included.

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