Every remodeling project is unique and there are so many variables that no one can tell you the exact price right away.  Fortunately we have the annual Cost vs Value report for reference. The report helps us know how much remodeling projects cost and how much of that cost can be regained once the house is sold. The report has national averages, as well as information on specific cities (including our lovely Portland). The latest report for 2017 can be found here.
Download the Cost Vs Value Report to find out the average prices for a remodeling project in Portland.
Once you get the PDF document you’ll see that the projects are divided into two categories, midrange and upscale. You can read the specifics on the document, but generally the upscale remodel has an expanded project scope and uses expensive materials. Is your project a midrange bathroom remodel or an upscale bathroom addition? For example, a midrange bathroom remodel numbers are for an average 5″x7″ bathroom. The remodel would include replacing fixtures, the tub as well as the surrounding tile, shower, toilet, a stone countertop with an undermount sink, tile floor, and lighting. The midrange bathroom addition will give you on average 6 by 8 bathroom over crawl space with concrete walls, a quartz or granite countertop with an undermount sink, tile shower, toilet, lighting, extra cabinet storage, and ceramic flooring. Based on this report, the average price in 2015 for midrange bathroom remodel in the Portland area was $17k and almost $43k for a midrange bathroom addition.
Compare these averages to some of our recent bathroom remodels.
As an additional benefit, you can even see the resale value of your investment. The average bathroom remodel gives back up to 75%. No wonder kitchens and bathrooms are the most remodeled areas in the house! Once you download the report and read through it let us know if you have any questions. You can reach us any time through email as well as Facebook or Twitter!
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