Lavish Bathroom Renovations for Modern Homeowners

Today, modern bathroom renovation projects can easily transform a basic washroom into a tranquil respite where owners can prepare for action or relax after a hectic day.

Over the years, bathrooms have progressed from mere functional places for taking care of hygiene and utilitarian functions. Today, modern bathroom renovation projects can easily transform a basic washroom into a tranquil respite where owners can prepare for action or relax after a hectic day. Let’s get soaked into some of the best ways to create a luxury bathroom that adds comfort, appeal, and value to users now and will offer a great return on investment in the future.

Spa-Like Baths & Showers

Homeowners who want to experience the lavish sense of being in a spa in their own private environment will want to maximize every square foot of space—especially in the master bathroom. While the area needs to be practical, there are a few ways to give showers and bathtubs the “upscale treatment”.

One of the most lavish and affordable additions that adds glamour and soothing functionality to the bathroom is installing multiple specialty shower heads. Walk-in showers are particularly popular and offer wider coverage with the addition of extra square footage and multiple shower heads.

Having jets shooting out at every aspect of the body makes for a spa-like experience, as do waterfall shower heads that offer powerful, yet gentle drops from the ceiling. While one of the latest bathroom remodeling trends is to eliminate the tub completely and expand the shower with glass doors, the most desirable baths will have a tub space.

While it may not seem practical to have a gorgeous tub right in the middle of the bathroom, it can still serve as a focal point for this pivotal room. Whether it is a deluxe spa tub that is situated on a platform as a centerpiece proper or a clawfoot bath tucked into a corner, these all give off a sense of grandeur that the average bathroom cannot achieve.

modern minimalist bathroom design

Steam Rooms for Sensational Soothing

Steam rooms are excellent for home buyers or owners looking for spa-like comfort and pampering. A steam room in the bathroom means that you will never again need to spend money at a salon or spa.

These spaces can be flexible in size, ranging from fitting a solo guest or up to four people with the right installation. Speaking of installation, it is worth noting that owners might need to make a few key changes to manage condensation and drainage. A smart steam room bathroom remodeling project will be moisture-resistant.

Flooring with Radiant Heating

When the weather gets chilly, there’s no worse feeling than putting clean feet onto a cold floor after a warm soothing shower or bath. Installing radiant flooring will heat not only the floor but the entire room comfortably. This system eliminates the issue of warm air rising in the bathroom, and it is perfect to be situated beneath laminate, linoleum, and tile. Speaking of tile…

Stone, Glass, & Porcelain Tile

Kick the concept of glazed tiles and linoleum to the curb by installing elegant and luxurious finishes of high-quality stone, glass and porcelain into a bathroom remodel. There are many options out there to suit every budget while giving owners the look and feel of opulence they desire.

modern bathroom vanity with mosaic backsplash tile

Ambiance Lighting

Pin lights, focused lighting, recessed lighting, dimmer lights, drop lights, and chic chandeliers can all add to the experience of showering after a long day with the right ambiance. Go with the style that beckons to your taste while being mindful of intentions for the future owners, should selling be a possibility in the near future. Those not interested in lighting proper can make a serene environment with candles on a whim.

Ensuite Entertainment Systems

Want to listen to the latest podcast or watch a video while prepping for the day? Perhaps a wind-down video after a long day is in order. Fortunately, when doing a bathroom remodeling upgrade, television and music systems are becoming all the rage. Maximize your time with one of these key upgrades.

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