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Most homeowners have a budget in mind when considering a remodel or makeover and that amount is usually much less than what can be  expected.  The sting of realizing that it may more money than anticipated, almost takes the joy from the idea of the needed remodel.  It becomes key to proceed with a firmly researched plan . Prioritizing your  “needs” from your “wants” separately, becomes necessary  in order to arrive at a realistic scope of work. Many people are stunned after their remodeling contractor has submitted a proposal that seems far beyond their reach,financially.  That’s why it is important to do your research before you approach a contractor with your ideas. Everyone becomes educated about the process and the expectation, before they move closer to reality.

First, ask yourself :

  • Will this be a total demolition with rebuild/expansion or will this just be a partial cosmetic make-over?
  • Will there be structural changes or just a new countertop with new sinks and faucets?

Defining your concept will save time. Research and determine  how adding features, such as plumbing and electrical changes  will add to the cost of the remodel.

Structural changes, specifically moving walls, electrical service and rough in of new plumbing , add  labor and material costs to the job.

For example,  building a new tile shower by removing the existing shower, can have hidden costs attached if there were problems, such as leaking and damaged  substructure. Before new surfaces can be applied, all sub surfaces must be free of defect and ready to take new product and installation.  Every project is subject to the possibility of unforeseen conditions that may need to be repaired before beginning the new job. Cost overrun is a consideration in all projects.

If  you are considering a cosmetic  makeover on existing cabinetry, without the replacement of fixtures and structures, next research costs of countertop and sink replacement , changing out electrical lighting and replacing existing flooring. Prices can vary widely, depending on the amount and type of materials you will be using. Different material labor can run the gamut according to difficulty of and time required to install various types. These factors can affect the overall price of your remodeling proposal.

When a remodeling contractor asks you for your expected budget, he or she is merely trying to understand the scope of your project and  what you want to achieve in that budget. He will set expectations of what a larger, more complete project will cost versus a smaller, budget-conscious makeover. No legitimate contractor will be in business long if he wants to “spend up all your money ”.

These questions are posed in order to help the consumer understand scope and detail involved.

The beauty of working with our full service contracting company is that project flows seamlessly when one person is in charge of direction and scheduling. It takes the worry out of the many phases of designing and building a quality remodel project that will serve the homeowner with many years of service and beauty.

The quality craftsman-like project we create with you can have fewer surprises with research and communication. Educate yourself and discover the joys of remodeling by using our full service contracting company, Let’s Remodel. We have the highest of ratings with The Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List,  and Yelp.   Check our website Let’s  Our Facebook page Lets Remodel Facebook  and  to view some of the creative spaces we are proud to have completed.


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