Bathrooms are spaces that we use every day, their importance is far greater than we give it credit for. This bathroom was reimagined with a transitional design. Before this bathroom featured a dated color scheme and a L shaped vanity with a ceramic tile countertop.

We updated the vanity with a natural wood finish and a sleek solid surface countertop. The vanity was also moved where the shower used to be. Moving the dated L shaped vanity left a cozy alcove for the new bathtub.

Lighting is one of the most important components. When considering your bathroom remodel, the right lighting can make all the difference. LED mirrors provide immaculate face illumination. Downlighting from the recessed fixtures are a versatile way of providing both ambient and task lighting in areas that requires both. A geometric fixture instantly lifts the bathroom’s aesthetics.

The dark hexagonal tile on the floor adds depth and dimension to the space and is also a timeless design. This bathroom features a curbless shower. This bathroom became a sanctuary for relaxation and function.

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