A place where you go when you first wake up, and usually the last place you go before you lie down – a bathroom needs to fit your needs and style. Take a look at what we’ve done for people just like you – great design, gorgeous color pallets, and much needed comfort.

We can provide complete or partial remodels, installation, custom cabinetry, tile, and design. 

Bathroom Projects and Budget Examples

Minor Bathroom Updates


Give your bathroom a facelift to brighten up the space and make your bathroom functional and beautiful.

Example Budget

$15,000 -$20,000

-Update your Cabinets with New Doors

-Brighten up the Space with New lighting

-Light up the Bathroom with Subway Tile

-Add Personal Charm with a New Vanity and Sink

-Fresh Coat of Paint

Midrange Bathroom Renovation


This type of bathroom remodel is a great for changing all of your bathroom surfaces while still keeping to your budget by picking cost-effective tile, flooring, and vanity materials.

Example Budget

$20,000 -$45,000

-Curbless shower

-Quartz or Granite Countertop

-New or Painted Cabinets

-Keep your Wall layout

-Fresh Coat of Paint

-New Lighting Fixtures

-Tile Floor and Accents


Full High-End Bathroom Renovation


If you’re looking to completely change or expand your bathroom or even build a custom spa this is the type of budget to expect. Both bathrooms pictured above are good examples of what you can build in this budget range.

Example Budget

$45,000 -$60,000

-Relax in a New Shower Enclosure

-Get Organized with New Space-Saving Cabinets

-Layout Change or Expansion

-New Tile Floors

-Fresh Coat of Paint

-Custom Lighting

-Porcelain tile flooring

-Towel Warmers / Heated Flooring


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