About Us

Let’s Remodel is a Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling company.
It’s also a family business. A labor of love, even. Pavel and Polina get to work side by side every day as a team and work on projects. Pavel takes care of the construction and Polina creates the designs.
This approach has proven to be very effective. Normally you would start with a design company, then go and find a contractor to build the project. What happens when there’s a problem? Someone unwittingly becomes a project manager and has to manage two teams on their own and it’s a big hassle. No good.
We’ve found that by keeping it all under one roof we sidestep that problem completely. As it turns out, this setup is not only convenient for you, it makes remodeling projects cost less and get done quicker. Nice!
Since our humble beginnings we’ve brought in more designers and craftsmen, but it hasn’t changed us. Let’s Remodel at it’s core is still two teams bringing their skills together to make something great.
It’s hassle-free remodeling. Meet your designer, set a date, and it’s as good as done. We think all remodeling projects should be that easy, don’t you?

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