Let's Remodel
12518 NE Airport Way #148,
Portland, Oregon, 97230

Our local kitchen & bathroom showroom in Portland has everything you need for your next remodeling project.  Stop in and browse through a huge collection of renovation materials to get inspiration and see what you might like to add to your home.

Kitchen Design Center

Our kitchen design center showcases some of the different style flooring, cabinetry, and countertops that you can mix and match to perfect your look, in addition to demonstrating where large appliances like the fridge or oven fits in.  As you walk through the space, check out the different colors and patterns of tiling for backsplashes.  Or, stop into our kitchen design center’s countertop display to see a variety of kitchen counter surface materials, such as marble, stone, quartz, and granite.

Bathroom Showroom

The bathroom showroom contains different types of tiles for flooring and bathroom countertops, in addition to our custom vanity work.  Looking to remodel your bathroom or to make it look bigger?  We’ve got the perfect lighting, mirrors, tile, and shades of paint to make it happen.  You won’t be disappointed.